MX372 - Pavilion 3What is “”?

I created this site as my own personal “space” to share the things that interest me, with anyone else that is interested. I don’t use Face Book; as a matter of fact, I despise FB and refuse to use it. Ditto for most other social media sites.

I have many interests, therefore you will likely find many different things on this site, so poke around, maybe you’ll see something you like. Or not.



Motocross is but one of my many interests. This is the bike I race, a 2004 Honda CR250R. I also race (occasionally) my 4-wheeler, though not in MX, but “woods” racing, or hare scrambles as they are called. Totally different animal, but also very fun.

I also have interests in computers, electronics, aviation, sports cars, 4×4 trucks and Jeeps, lizards, camping, nature, engineering, space and the universe, and a bunch of other stuff.